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Silver Spiral Ring


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A notable statement ring by a notable jeweler. Her award-winning work is characterized by the texture and darkened effect of her silver work, and the way she translates traditional features into contemporary-looking styles, as in this dramatic ring.


Textured and darkened silver is overlaid on a similarly darkened base. The background silver is slightly notched in places, and follows the swooping form of the overlaid spiral that ends in an arrowhead. Two smooth, polished circles of 18-karat gold, one larger and one smaller, add a glittering contrast in color and texture that lights up the dappled, misty-hued silver. The shank is formed of the same textured, overlaid silver, with a tiny dome of gold at the back.


The design is an ancient one: the spiral path of water, which is a major blessing. When you examine the ring closely, you will see a line of stamped dots that follow the spiral all around, from tip to gold circles. These represent raindrops, plunking down on the ground. The arrowhead points the way; the gold circles balance the rain with sunshine, so there will be happy crops and happy people.


The artistry of this celebrated jeweler has created a contemporary stunner of a ring from the age-old symbol of water and good luck. Dramatic, comfortable to wear, and totally distinctive, this is another triumph of personal style and meticulous hand work. Prepare yourself for lots of inquisitive admirers, when you flaunt your sense of style and chic, wearing this quietly spectacular ring.

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18k Gold, Sterling Silver

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