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Silver River Dangles


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These lovely dangles show he achieves his aim of  “classical art and beauty” with a modern and creative sensibility.

Using traditional techniques materials, and theme, this respected artist created a handsome, modern, look with an individual touch.

Water is supremely important to the Navajo, who live out on the high desert. Any symbol or sign relating to water is considered very good luck.

In these, gracefully proportioned and beautifully made earrings, the applied silver wire, snaking down the center, represents flowing water

The background behind the streams is somewhat darkened, so the sparkling polish of the other areas glistens  as if wet.

Handsome, modern, but traditional, meticulously hand fabricated; what else?

Look carefully, and you will notice that the pair is the same, but different – one earring is the inverted form of the other!

This subtle but clever detail makes these lovely earrings more than just another well-made piece of jewelry.

Skill, tradition, classic beauty, and witty creativity, all at a hard-to-believe price. Plus, these dangles are comfy to wear, and go with everything.

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Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 1/2" W