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Silver Rainstorm Dangles


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Rain is very good luck out on the high desert, and it is our very good luck to introduce you to this budding master jeweler.

Colt is only 15 years old (!) but these lovely earrings are totally mature in design and fabrication.

The surface of the silver shimmers, like wet pavement (or rocks, there are no sidewalks out on the reservation), emphasizing the cut-out motif of rain cloud, rain and lightning.the slim rectangles are barely concave, so the light makes them shimmer even more.

A clean, precise but-out design, together with the unusual and lovely texture of the silver, make these earrings a delight to behold, and to wear.

Workmanship, design, and underlying meaning are all great.

Suitable for all ages, from squealers of delight, to mature thank-you’s.

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Sterling Silver


1 5/8" L x 3/8" W