Silver Overlay Rug Bolo


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A prominent, award-winning jeweler, Dan works rug patterns into silver, thereby honoring both his parents: mother was a weaver; father was a jeweler.

With amazing precision, and careful arrangement of dark, textured and polished areas, the artist has actually made a bar of silver resemble an intricately woven fabric.

The designs are textured, some lightly darkened, the edges left more silvery, to emulate the wooly texture of a handwoven rug.

Densely blackened, the background has been left matte, for a double contrast, in texture and darkness.

Only the stepped motifs at the edges and the narrow frame around the center are polished.

Artful manipulation of texture, dark and light, matte and polished areas, create a uniquely attractive bolo.

The tips are lightly brushed and serenely complement the bolo. The hand-braided leather cord matches the quality of the bolo.

Handsomely restrained in size and shape, this beautiful bolo can go from rodeo to formal ball, stopping off at the office, in between.

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