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A member of the Hopi Badger/ Butterfly clan, the artist has an impressive family background.

He is the nephew of famous carver Wilmer Kaye, son of acclaimed jeweler Sherian Honhongva, nephew of the award-winning jeweler, Sonwai, and grandnephew of the legendary jeweler, the late, great Charles Loloma.

Marlin himself has a fine reputation as both a kachina carver and jeweler – unsurprisingly, with those genes!

This beautifully minimalist ring is a perfect yin/yang of silver: chiseled and slightly darkened on the base; brilliantly polished and perfectly plain on the overlaid band.

The Hopi are farmers without irrigation, they rely on rainfall in the high desert, so any symbols relating to water or rain are very good luck.

These minute, vertical chiseled lines refer to rainfall, and the gleaming band of silver resembles a waterway, reflecting light.

Good luck, and even better design, at a steal of a price, for the lucky person with a small ring size!

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Sterling Silver

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1/2 "