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Silver Olla Concho Belt


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A beautifully fabricated concho belt, with an original design, initialed by the artist, but we don’t know who that represents.

The work speaks for him/her: creative in concept, flawless in the silver work, and each concho firmly supported on the leather belt, by two copper keepers, too.

Plump, classically shaped silver ollas are an uncommon, and appealing version of the usual conchos.

Each one of the twelve conchos is slightly curved, to reflect the light, and finely decorated in a combination of overlaid and stamped silver.

The designs emphasize stepped rain signs, with an attractive stamped design at the bottom, seeming to show the rays of the sun, among the rainclouds.

A band of curved stamps marches across the waist of the conchos; a series of lines accenting the neck.

The darkened background is finely textured, where not stamped, so the polished areas form a handsome contrast.

A refreshingly original idea, scrupulously executed, makes this a collector’s concho belt.

Not a design you see everywhere, yet so very wearable, it is a wonderful piece, for man or woman.
















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Copper, Sterling Silver


Belt: 42"L, Conchos: 1 3/4" H x 2 1/16" W