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Blue Chalcedony Bolo


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Duane Maktima is a highly respected, top award-winning contemporary jeweler.

He is praised for his singular designs and meticulous workmanship, as well as his generous mentoring. His work is collected all over the world.

In this superb bolo, his creative and technical gifts, as well as his artistry, have triumphed once again.

This bolo is cool, in every sense – the unusual combination of lunar-hued stones and the graphic, sharply contrasting silver work, give off a sleek urban vibe.

The palette of cool colors is warmed by the gleam of 14-karat gold in the channels dividing the stones. The other-worldly blue of chalcedony glows next to the inky black jade.

It is complemented by the gold’s sparkle. Chalcedony has been valued for thousands of years – by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and others – and on into modern times.

Two kinds of turquoise, different but compatible, continue the cool hues and dark accents. Spiky lines of overlaid and darkened silver add energy and excitement to the design.

Every bit is flawless – even the tips – from design, to materials, to workmanship. Sophisticated and striking, this bolo evokes the glamor of Art Deco, but in a new-millennium way.

The celebrated master jeweler has done it again! This is a collector’s treasure.



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14k Gold, Black Jade, Natural Blue Chalcedony, Natural Damale Turquoise, Natural Fox Peacock Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3" long x 1 5/8" wide x 1/2" deep, Cord is 48" long, Tips are 2 3/4" long