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Silver Hogan Dangles


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Silver squares, textured in a vertical pattern like rainfall, are the background for appliqued silver hogans, traditional Navajo dwellings.

Not just handsome and well-made, by hand, these stamped squares are a charming nod to nostalgia for the past.

The hogans are carefully fabricated, with horizontal, chiseled bars at the bottom, referring to the logs that were the traditional construction material.

The domed roofs are nicely formed and meticulously textured to resemble the packed mud and twigs that were the most common material.

Two, smooth silver stars flank the hogans, high in the sky; each one has a subtle, oxidized bronze finish.

Nicely calibrated areas of textured, and smooth silver accentuate the design

The reverse is decorated with a finely chiseled sunburst design, with the artist’s initials discreetly in the center, so there is really no “wrong” side.

Inventive, beautifully designed and expertly fabricated, these are delightfully unique earrings.