“Silver Fabric” Stamped Cuff


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Like his twin, Trent, this talented son of award-winning silversmith Allison Lee, has been making jewelry from a young age. Make that “even younger” age, since they are all of 26 years old!

Kyle cites an A-List of celebrated jewelers as his role models, along with his dad, including Raymond Yazzie, Vernon Haskie, Ira and Gary Custer, Aaron Anderson, Jennifer Curtis, Kenneth Johnson, and Cody Sanderson.

With those artists to look up to it is no wonder Kyle has become an artist to watch and collect now.

This exquisite bracelet demonstrates his skill and artistry, both far beyond what you would expect from his young age.

A broad silver cuff has been gently shaped with a subtle peak in the center and on each end. Interesting already!

Covering the entire surface is a breathtaking array of hand stamping, in designs not usually seen.

Augmented by subtle hand-hammered texture, the center pattern and edges resemble an intricately woven fabric.

Slightly dulled silver adds to the illusion of a tapestry.

This is a piece that could be your statement bracelet, or add it to others of similar quality.

We are in awe of Kyle, and his extraordinary, precocious talent and assured workmanship.

Catch the Lee-Anderson boys on their ascent to the stratosphere of silversmiths, and enjoy this outstanding bracelet.

(Note: This cuff has a round shape, so fits larger than its size, if your wrist is flat.)

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