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Silver Crescent Moon Dangles


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All dressed up and ready to go to the ball! These delightful earrings by this singular artist would be lovely embellishments to party clothes.

But, come on out of the box – think what fun they would be with plain sweaters, tee-shirts and other everyday outfits, as well.

Unusual in every way, from her Plains background to her childhood in New Zealand and her current residence in New Mexico, this artist has a totally individual artistic vision.

The silver work is effortlessly skillful; the materials are both classic and outside the norm, for Native jewelers.

The design is uniquely her own, although the style is like that of ladies in Renaissance paintings.

The boxed sterling half-moons are each hand-etched with a different design.

The horizontal bars holding the deep blue, faceted, solite beads are also almost-but-not-quite the same.

Golden zircons are set into the tops. so you can have both the sun and the moon, and the sparkling heavens, in one pair of earrings!


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Solite, Sterling Silver, Zircon


2 1/4" L X 5/8" W