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Silver Cornstalk Necklace


Stunning silver necklace of four long, oval, boxed silver teardrops and a larger pendant one, overlaid with polished silver cornstalks in the center of textured,but not darkened backgrounds. Handmade chain.

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To our astonishment, we just rediscovered a gorgeous necklace by the late, Richard Begay! Inventory brings many surprises, and this one is a very happy occurrence. Richard was known for his wonderful overlay work, often paired with inlay. This beautiful piece is simply silver, and simply spectacular, in a refined way.

Four long, rounded teardrops of boxed silver, are decorated with a graceful cornstalk, overlaid in the center. The textured background has been left un-darkened, so the contrast with the polished cornstalk is soft and gentle. A fan of gleaming, chiseled feathers decorate the bottom of each oval element, and the sides and borders also gleam. Feathers represent prayers, and the cornstalks, the objects. Good luck, good health, and happiness result.

At the bottom of the necklace, a larger, boxed teardrop is similar, with a polished cornstalk shining against the sugary background. However, this central pendant has tapered, overlaid rain and cloud symbols framing the centerpiece, and a plain silver bottom. The cornstalks are shaped with elegance and beauty; the ovals are perfectly proportioned, and the whole is composed with lovely, understated refinement. The simple silver chain supports the elements without fighting for attention. It is also hand made, and can be somewhat shortened, to accommodate different necklines, by hooking into different links.

This necklace is graceful, tasteful, even luxurious, in a modest, wearable way. A lovely design, beautifully executed; finding it was a wonderful surprise for us, and a prize, for you.

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Sterling Silver


24" ( somewhat adjustable down)