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Repousse Silver Band


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A band ring is typically flat and straight-edged. However, rotund, domed, circles decorate the front of this band.

Moreover, the edges of the band are scalloped, and decorated with dainty stamping. Clearly, not your usual band ring.

Pushed out from the inside, the circles are like large and small bubbles, or balloons.

Framing the silver domes, overlaid and scalloped silver continues to dance around the sides, meeting in the back, with rounded ends.

At each side, the rounded silver overlay is punctuated with deeply stamped triangles, which anchor the buoyant curves.

Together with the stamped scallop shapes, and the domed circles, they give the ring an uncommon, festive and feminine air.

Executed with the artist’s usual precision, everything about this ring is special – including the price!


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Sterling Silver

Ring Size

7 1/2