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Silver Bolo with Jade & Opal


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This gifted jeweler brings her own style to her art, more lyrical than that of her award-winning brother, Franklin Carrillo. Her output is extremely limited so we are delighted to get a new piece – especially as wonderful as this bolo.

Graceful overlay designs resemble leaves and foliage. A border of geometric, little stepped designs contrasts with the flowing lines of the center, and keeps them framed. Little ovals of apple green jade and gleaming white opal add a different texture, and bits of color, while repeating the curvaceous lines. Even the tips are distinctive: lightly textured, they sport the same little stepped rows as the border of the bolo face.

Delightfully personal in style, and definitely different, this bolo would suit either men or women – beautifully.

Sterling Silver, Jade, Opal

Leather Cord is 44″ Width: 2 1/4″ Height: 3″