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Silver Blessing Pin


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He has an award-winning reputation for exceptional overlay silver work and traditional symbolism. Here, he abandoned the intricate designs he is best-known for, opting for stunning simplicity instead.

The symbolism is still here, though. Within the graceful curve that suggests the water symbol are the hand of blessing and protection, a gold moon, and stars, one of them a comet. Each element is exquisitely crisp and precise; the path of the comet flows gracefully, emphasizing the curve of the piece. There is even a chiseled bracelet around the wrist of the hand, which adds a tiny bit of texture to the luscious, smooth silver.

Quite different from the complexity of his Pueblo scenes, this pin has a gorgeous allure of its own. Simpler style; just as flawlessly executed.

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14k Gold, Sterling Silver


1 3/4"


1 1/2"