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Silver Belt Buckle with Stone Strip


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The artist was a recognized master of meticulously fashioned and colorful inlay, often paired with fine silver work. Sadly for us all, he passed away unexpectedly, but we found we still had a few pieces of his, including this buckle, which exhibits those qualities.

Stepped, and other, rain symbols form a delicate, decorative pattern over the darkened silver base. The effect is almost lacy. An inlaid bar of blue turquoise, red coral and jet, all natural, anchors the dancing arabesques of silver, repeating the horizontal and vertical lines of the polished silver borders. The stones represent the balance of nature: blue for the sky, rain and water; red for the earth, and black to link them. All the symbols are not only handsome in appearance, they symbolize good luck.

Flawlessly delineated silver work, fine natural stones, an unusual and beautiful design, all combine to create a remarkably attractive buckle. Lucky you, who owns it indeed!













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Coral, and Jet, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/8" wide x 2 3/4" high