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Silver Bear Claw


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Richard Begay, alas, is no longer on this earth, but was noted for his inlay and overlay jewelry, often combined in one piece.

Luckily, this splendid pendant was still in our inventory.

As a Navajo, the importance of harmony in the world was echoed in his silver work.

As seen in this pendant, he incorporated important cultural symbols in his pieces. This intriguing design represents a bear claw.

The bear, a major symbol for many tribes, embodies power, wisdom, survival skills, and protection.

The overlaid silver incorporates graceful curves, in the shape of the piece, itself, and in the tapered claws.

The central pad is slightly domed, so the high polish really shines against the darkened base.

Totally fluid in form, and flawless in execution, this is a handsome representation of protection and good luck, to be worn always.

It would suit a man – or woman –  beautifully.

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Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L x 1 1/8" W