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Silver Beads with Red Coral


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Multiple award-winner, Al Joe is celebrated and honored for the perfection of his designs, as well as for his workmanship; nothing is superfluous, nothing can be subtracted.

This necklace of varied beads is an example of his supreme command of the esthetic and the technical, resulting in a modern classic that will be enjoyed for many generations.

Three different styles and sizes of silver beads together form a gorgeous combination.

The line-up of silver is given a little kick by including one bead of gorgeous, natural red coral.

Two flattened beads of 14-karat gold quietly sandwich the scarlet coral, which subliminally adds even more warmth to it.

Alternating deeply fluted beads with flattened ones, in a much smaller size, and adding plain beads in the same, large, size as the fluted ones, creates a spectacularly striking silhouette.

Every bead is hand fabricated, in two halves, which are then soldered together, and finished to look seamless.

As does all his work, this necklace demonstrates sophisticated creativity, a sense of artistry, and mind-boggling technique.

Even the hook and eye clasp are hand fabricated.

A refreshing re-examination of the classic silver bead necklace, this is elegant, but not formal.

Subtly dramatic, it is exquisitely refined and wonderfully versatile; suitable to be worn often and with a variety of outfits, from day to dinner, for years and years.

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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


21 1/2"" L