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Silver Bead Drops


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One of the award-winning twin sons of award-winning artist Allison Lee, Kyle is already known for his exquisite silver beads.

This twenty-something started making jewelry as a child; now his maturity as an artist is obvious.

These beautiful drop earrings comprise two beads, one plain; the other, deeply fluted and larger.

Both are hand made with flawless expertise, and the difference in size, shape, and texture make these earrings irresistibly attractive.

Dainty, but large enough to be noticed, they are simply beautiful.

They are lovely on their own, but exactly match a splendid bead necklace by this same, fabulous jeweler, which would be a wonderful set.

See the necklace elsewhere on this website, under Necklaces.

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Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 1/2" Diameter