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Silver and Turquoise Wavy Cuff


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Five sterling silver bands flow like water around the wrist, highlighted with a superb, natural, Number 8 turquoise set in 14-karat gold.

Here, form follows the message, for the gracefully curving silver does represent rivers, the coveted turquoise represents the sky, and the gold, the sun.

Nature in balance is represented in this serenely beautiful piece.

The artist has a firmly established reputation as a leader in metalwork.

This is a fine example of his special style – a marriage of traditional symbols and modern design, fabricated by hand for a unique look.

The workmanship is up to the standard of the exceptional turquoise: Number 8 is one of the top three most sought-after – and most expensive – of all southwestern turquoise stones.

The hand cut gold bezel brings out the warmth of the turquoise hue, as well as symbolizing the sun.

The silver is polished to a glassy smoothness that beautifully reflects the light.

The coveted, dense, spider web pattern of matrix, in the stone, complements the glistening metals with a different texture.

Winner of many awards, Kee’s work is widely collected for its modern style, solidly based on tradition.

This sinuous, simple, but glamorous bracelet is a perfect example.

Contemporary in looks, timeless in design, and traditional in the symbolism.

Wear it everywhere in the world and enjoy the oohs and aahs.


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Natural Number 8 Turquoise, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

6 3/4"


1 1/4" W