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Silver and Turquoise Mini-Canteen


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This is one of those amazing pieces we’ve uncovered as we’ve dug deep into our collection, and unfortunately, the artist’s name from long ago has been lost with time.

A handmade canteen is not uncommon, though this one stands out, as it is fully fabricated from sterling silver!

The designs on all surfaces show a mastery of stamping and a delicate enough touch to ensure no distortion on the curved and rounded surfaces, including the neck of the canteen!

The removable cap fits snugly, so as not to allow anything to leak, and is tethered to the body of the canteen by a handmade chain.

This is all topped off by a natural Turquoise cabochon, bezel-set on each side of the canteen – the deep blue “cherry on top”!

This level of artistry and beautiful, perfectly shaped fabrication is to be admired anytime, but especially in such an unconventional and unique piece of functional art!*

*We do not suggest using any piece of handmade/fabricated art functionally, as it will always be at your own risk and could result in damage to the one-of-a-kind piece.

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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


4 1/4"


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