Silver and Ruby Rain Pendant



Tim Yazzie is known for remarkable overlay work, but this handsome pendant shows he is equally adept at flawless inlay, too.

Glistening sterling silver is formed like a stepped rain symbol, at top and bottom, with elegantly tapered feather forms on one side, and a row of jagged shapes dividing the two halves of the piece.

The polished silver elements are flawlessly overlaid on a darkened silver base, as expected from this fine jeweler.

The big surprise is the inlaid triangular chunk at the top right corner; rich red purple, seemingly dense, but with depths of color variation.

Not sugilite, not purple spiny oyster – what is it? It is a gorgeous, beveled, natural cabochon ruby!

Yes, the same as the sparklers , but opaque and solid – and royally beautiful.

Tim has chosen to present this elegant pendant on a natural buckskin thong, which makes it suitable for casual wear , for both men and women.

It will look luxurious , but still suitable for everyday wear, on a sterling chain, or small silver beads – or  on one of Al Joe’s fabulous silver collars.

Meticulous workmanship, handsome design, and a totally unexpected and beautiful stone, make this wonderful pendant very, very special.

And very, very wearable and versatile.

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