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Silver and Magenta Dragonfly Pendant


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A mega-star in the Indian art world, he has already won the most prestigious award in the world of Indian Art: Best of Show at Santa Fe Indian Market, as well as many other awards.

His favorite method is tufa casting with special, fine-grained tufa (naturally compressed volcanic sand) that he digs up himself, in the Hopi lands.

Tufa can be carved and used as a mold only once or, twice, possibly, as the material is extremely crumbly.

This appealingly delicate dragonfly has concave wings, the better to catch and reflect light.

The proportions are naturalistic, and extremely graceful, capturing the allure of these beautiful creatures, as they dart and swoop over water.

A radiant, natural sugilite, in a rosy magenta hue, is centered, adding a contrasting smooth texture, as well as vibrant color.

Dragonflies are a favorite subject for Native artists, because of their watery habitat.

They symbolize this precious resource, especially treasured in the arid Hopi lands, where farmers rely on rain.

Wear good luck, translated into delicate beauty, and enjoy the incomparable artistry and skill of this famous jeweler at a happily accessible price.


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2 3/8" L x 2" W


Natural Sugilite, Sterling Silver