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Silver and Inlay Butterfly Seed Pot


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Her father, Norbert Peshlakai, is credited with originating the then-new form of silver shaped like pottery. The daughter, already highly reputed in her own right, has continued the tradition, and risen to new heights with this splendid piece.Amazingly precise in every aspect of its construction, this stately and very lovely seed pot includes a stopper with an astonishingly formed, inlaid finial. A natural lapis cabochon tops off the finial, which is a short, voluptuous baluster form. The base of the stopper is inlaid in a band that alternates natural red coral and blue turquoise, symbolizing both earth and sky. On the textured sterling body, a circle of graphic designs encircles the stopper. Four abstract butterflies define the four sides of the piece. With, or without, the gorgeous stopper, this is a seed pot to elicit oohs and ahs from all who see it.

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise. Lapis, and Red Coral

1 7/8″ D x 1 3/8″ H (with Lid), 7/8″ H (without Lid)