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Silver and Gold Overlay Link Bracelet


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A combination of traditional Navajo symbolism and metal work, and the newer idea of combining gold with silver in the same piece. This bracelet goes with all your jewelry, silver and/or gold.The overlay band of gold down the center of each link is cut into a triangular design that continues across each link. The silver, overlaid in a stepped pattern that symbolizes rain, is also stamped along both edges of the bracelet. This stepped pattern is reminiscent of traditional Navajo rug designs.With tooth-like edges and smooth gleaming surfaces, both, there is a pleasing rhythm of shine and texture in the piece. A comfortable, wearable bracelet of intricate design and sturdy construction, that will be admired everywhere you go – and you will wear it everywhere, too.

Sterling Silver, 14K Gold

Length: 7 7/8″ Width: 7/8″