Silver and Gold Galaxy Bracelet


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You would like the sun and the moon? How about a whole galaxy?!

You can have it, in this, the latest fabulous piece by “the best woman silversmith”, according to her award-winning peers.

The artist is famous for her impeccable stamp and chisel work, added to a wonderful sense of design.

This magnificent bracelet is an example of the precision of her work and the beauty of her designs.

The round domes, large and small, are actually pushed out individually from behind the silver cuff, then overlaid with the 14-karat gold in a nicely heavy gauge.

In this array of gleaming suns and moons, each one has individual designs of hand stamped “rays” around it, and sometimes within the gold itself.

Surrounding the many gold suns, is a delightful pattern of stars and moons, some close up, some far distant and tiny.

Scattered among these galaxies are shooting stars, delightfully stamped and chiseled.

Inside the cuff, an all-over pattern has been etched; abstract, mirroring the busy activity of the universe, or simply decorative – however you care to interpret it.

Notice how the form of the cuff is slightly curved on the sides, to fit ergonomically and comfortably on the wrist.

Gleaming and glittering, like the sky full of moons, stars, comets and galaxies, this bracelet is as opulent as a queen’s crown, but as wearable as a tee-shirt.

Luxurious in materials, creative in design, and flawless in execution, by a recognized, award-winning artist, it is resplendent – exceptional in every way.

Museum-worthy, and destined to be a cherished heirloom;, but you can wear it happily, now.

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