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Silver and Gold Flower Pendant


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When you go to Buckingham Palace, be sure to wear this regal beauty. You will out-do the queen (and everyone else, wherever you go).

Gracefully opulent in three layers of antiqued sterling silver, the pendant features mysterious, black-lipped mother of pearl and resplendent gold.

The top of the piece is a beautiful, layered form that suggests a flower.

A base of silver is textured with tiny, parallel chiseled lines, and ends in double scallops.

Above that, lies a second layer of plain, silver that is just visible at its own scalloped edges.

On top of this, the third layer of silver is cut into points, with a slightly pebbly texture.

The texture is hardly noticed, because this layer of silver is resplendent, with a circular row of glowing, 24-karat gold leaves.

Tiny, antiqued silver dots are sprinkled around each set of three leaves, which adds to the ornamental effect.

Gleaming gold dots, of similar size, intersect the textured scallops at the outer edge of the piece.

In the center of this magnificence, is a gorgeous circle of natural, black-lipped mother of pearl.

This dark and misty beauty bursts into multi-colored iridescence, when the light hits it, like the northern lights suddenly illuminating a cloudy sky.

Dangling from this gorgeous splendor is a graceful, elongated oval, also set with a piece of that darkly radiant mother of pearl.

Here, the silver base is also covered with tiny lines, and overlaid with another, matching layer.

The shell is raised, set within a plain, burnished silver bezel.

To emphasize the feathery texture and form, the point of this dangle is coated with 24-karat gold that gradually diminishes toward the top.

It has another dot of gold at the very tip, and in shape and ornamentation, is meant to symbolize an eagle feather.

Eagle feathers are symbols of prayers and hope; the chiseled lines suggest rainfall.

Those dazzling gold leaves, on the top piece, represent flourishing plants, the happy result of prayers and rain.

Obviously this piece is stunningly luxurious, in materials and design; it is also brilliantly designed and impeccably fabricated.

Eric is a son of the famous Jolene Eustace, and demonstrates his own, fabulous, artistry in his work.

This pendant is superb in every possible way. Fit for a queen, but happy with day clothes, too.

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24k Gold, Black-Lipped Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver


4 1/4" L x 2 1/16" W