Silver and Gold “Champion” Ring


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Master jeweler Arland Ben uses only the very finest stones in his award-winning pieces; this brilliantly blue, natural Candelaria turquoise is one such magnificent stone.

The characteristic, rich blue glows through the spider web matrix, and dominates the broad silver setting around it, even outshining Arland’s signature petroglyph figures, in 14-karat gold, at the sides.

We named this a “championship” ring because the style and width resemble the massive rings given to winning-team players.

Also, Arland is a champion of jewelry-making, so that fits, too.

That gorgeous stone is held in a robustly chiseled bezel, surrounded by a darkened shadowbox, and finished with a brightly polished, rounded and raised, silver border.

There is no doubt about the star feature of this ring; the impeccable silver- and gold- work is definitely secondary to the splendor of the turquoise.

On either side of the center stone, a chiseled fan of abstract eagle feathers tapers down to an applied flower. Above and below, wavy lines extend from the sides to the center, ending in an arrowhead.

These indicate the flow of power and blessings from the applied gold petroglyph figures, toward the back.

The entire central area of silver is overlaid on the base, which is darkened silver.

On one end, the tiny gold figures include the hand of blessing and protection, a crescent moon, stars, a human couple, holding hands, and another, smaller wavy line with an arrowhead.

At the other end, another gold hand of blessing and protection shimmers, along with more stars, the spiral that denotes water and the river of life, a horned prey animal – elk or deer – and yet another wavy line with an arrowhead.

All these symbols refer to abundance, water, protection, and blessings.

So, this ring is not just a dazzling stone and impressive design, but a beautiful metaphor for blessings and luck.

P.S.: There is ample room, at the back, to resize the ring down, a size or so.

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Natural Candelaria Turquoise, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold

Ring Size

11 1/2


Stone is 1/2" Diameter, 1" wide