Silver and Gold Bear Bolo


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Another member of the prodigious Eustace family – son of Felicita and Ben; brother of Jolene, Christina, and many others; uncle to Julius, and to Eric Othole – all gifted and well-honored artists.

Lambert usually creates smaller pieces, such as chains, and rings, but did bring this unique bolo in, a few years ago. It got mislaid, during our move, so here it is – meticulously fabricated by hand, unique in appearance, with a hefty piece of 14-karat gold, at a surprisingly happy price.

Bears are revered by all tribes for their strength, intelligence, hunting ability, and position at the top of the food chain – second only to mankind.

For the Zuni, bears are also the Guardians of the West and possess healing powers, as well. This bear will not only protect you, but also attract well-deserved, admiring attention.

Myriad little silver circles, too many to count, have been scrupulously attached to the sterling bear form, suggesting his furry pelt. A graceful arrow form arcs from his mouth into his body, representing his heart line – the source of his powers.

Of a nice thickness, the polished gleam of the yellow gold is a subtly dramatic contrast to the bear’s dotted body. Handmade tips continue the design.

Two little bears that match the bolo itself, in form and applied texture, dangle from smooth cylinders. The texture on these mini-bears is formed of applied rectangles and squares, not circles but they match in appearance.

Unusual, and beautifully made, this bear is both rugged and elegant. handsomely unique.



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