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Silver and Bisbee Cuff


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This artist worked with, and learned from, the late, great Chalmers Day, whose overlay technique is celebrated.

Tim’s work has usually been in the same, impeccable tradition.

This outstanding, minimalist style is a departure, but just as meticulously executed.

Sleek and understated, the silver is kept unadorned, except for a double line chiseled close to one edge.

This keeps our eye on the gorgeous turquoise, raised above the cuff, in a chiseled and toothed bezel.

Set off-center, the turquoise is Bisbee, one of the top most coveted stones in the turquoise world, from a now played-out mine in southern Arizona.

The typical radiant blue is ornamented with the characteristic maroon matrix, a spectacular example of the best Bisbee turquoise.

This stone, although completely natural, has been hardened, like a gym floor is hardened, to ensure against crumbling.

If it were hard enough to cut and polish on its own, the cost would be much, much higher.

Mirror-bright silver and brilliant blue turquoise, ornamented with is richly hued matrix, make a contemporary bracelet that is a stylish, splendid eye-catcher.

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Stabilized Bisbee Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 " wide

Wrist Size

6" + 1 1/4" gap | 7 1/4" all around