Silver and Bisbee Band


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A talented Navajo jewelry designer, Michael Perry  has a creative and innovative style.  

He combines traditional techniques with a contemporary vision, to fabricate stunning, award-winning pieces.

Michael excels in overlaid metal, blending tradition, unique designs, and skillful workmanship.

This band of overlaid silver is elegant, but not formal, and graced with a spectacular stone.

On a base of textured silver, that was left in its natural hue, the artist overlaid a series of gleaming, polished silver lines.

The edges of the band are straight; the two lines in the interior, are wavy. These represent a flowing stream, or other waterway.

Flowing water is very precious out on the desert land of the Navajo Reservation.

In the center, a splendid, natural Bisbee turquoise stone is secured by a toothed bezel, surrounded by unadorned, glistening silver.

This stone is the best quality of this coveted turquoise, whose intense blue suggests the high desert sky, reflected in water.

The Bisbee mine, in Arizona, has been closed for years, so excellent examples of the turquoise, like this one, are especially treasured.

Symbolically, and esthetically, the design is integrated and graceful.

Michael Perry’s artistry shows in how he paired the width of the silver shank with the size of the turquoise, to form an uninterrupted whole.

That magnificent turquoise stone has a beautiful presence, much larger than its dimensions.

Not huge, but quite remarkable, and entirely noteworthy, this ring is meticulous in fabrication, as well as exemplary in design and the choice of turquoise.


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Natural Bisbee Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

7 1/2


1/2 ", Stone is 3/8" L x 1/4" W