Shell Corn Maiden


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Young in years, but with a reputation distinguished enough for an old master, Dan is noted for his fetish sculptures. His work has been included in a national exhibit of contemporary Indian art, both on his own and in collaboration with his former wife, Jovanna Poblano.

Corn Maidens symbolize prosperity, good health, and happiness. This one rises sinuously from the carved sea-snail shell, which has been polished to a shimmering luster.

She is adorned with inlaid turquoise, red coral, and amber; her features, and one of many incised dragonflies, are inlaid with jet. (Dragonflies are water creatures, and water is crucial to healthy corn stalks and a plentiful harvest.)

A beautiful symbol exquisitely wrought in an iridescent, natural material that also symbolizes the relationship between water and corn – the Native staff of life.


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Coral, Green-Lipped Snail Shell, Turquoise


4" H x 2.5" W