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Sheepish Sheep Dangles


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Aaron John is celebrated for his jewelry featuring hummingbirds, dragonflies, and other graceful pollinators of Native crops.

Here, his son, Colt, at 15-years-old, a ten-year veteran of jewelry making, has chosen to depict another iconic animal of the Navajo land: sheep.

Sheep are almost synonymous with Navajo life; they provide meat, of course, but also wool, to weave into those wonderful blankets and rugs, to warm the long winters.

And the young children, whose task is to watch over Grandma’s herds, often make a lamb a temporary pet.

So, these adorable earrings are a tribute to nostalgia, perhaps, and certainly to tradition.

Themselves, they are completely charming conversation-starters, and meticulously fabricated by hand.

Sterling silver is overlaid on a plain silver base, cut to conform to the “sheeply” shape.

The top of the base is blackened with acid, and the overlaid silver has been textured to resemble woolly coats, with a bit of oxidation to seem like the real, outdoor fleece.

The legs, and face are defined with chiseled lines that reveal the black undercoat.

It is the delightful expression on their faces that is so amusing, and so captivating: the sheep look shy, friendly, and – yes, sheepish!

And they are, by the way, seriously well-made, by hand.

Give these sweet cuties a forever home. They will repay you by attracting smiles and compliments, everywhere.

PS If you notice Aaron John’s name on the earrings, it’s because Colt borrowed his Dad’s stamp.

However, Colt is the authentic and official creator and artist.


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Sterling Silver


1 1/4" L x 3/4" W