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Shaved Silver Bead Necklace


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Jasper Nelson is one of the jewelers who are redefining ( or redesigning ) tradition – beautifully. Grandma’s silver beads never looked so lustrous or so elegant!

These sterling silver beads radiate a heavenly glow, thanks to their carefully hand-shaved (with a diamond point) texture. A new technique, practiced by just a few jewelers, it is even more painstaking than the conventional method of bead-making, which is difficult and tedious enough.

This necklace entices second looks, thanks to the alternating arrangement of bead sizes which creates an unexpected and very attractive silhouette. With a moon-glow shimmer, these beads have all the glamour of pearls,, plus.

This ethereal necklace has an allure that is distinctive, contemporary and wearable – day, night, to shop, to work, and afterwards, too! For gift-givers, here’s a chance to give her the moon- many times over.

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Sterling Silver


17 1/2" long


Large Beads: 5/8" diameter, Small Beads : 3/8" diameter