“Shalako Taka” Kachina


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This beautifully detailed and colorful Shalako kachina is a wonderful example of the Shalako Taka, or male Shalako, also known as the cloud man.

The Shalako are the god’s messengers and run back and forth all year long carrying messages, as well as bringing moisture and rain when needed. When they leave, they also carry prayers for rain with them.

The Shalako Ceremony is performed in late November or early December and takes place after the crops are in. Because the Shalako are messengers to the gods, their departure at the ceremony is the final prayer for rain to fill the rivers, wells, and springs before summer comes.

A stunning example of the Shalako Taka, this is a one-of-a-kind find!

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Dead Cottonwood Root, Acrylic Paint


6 1/2"


4 1/2"


13 5/8"