Shadowbox Turquoise Ring with Feathers



A Kiowa from Oklahoma, and direct descendant of the famous Kiowa Chief, Lone Wolf,  Byron began as a painter and photographer, at the Institute of American Indian Arts. in Santa Fe.but developed into a master jeweler, as well.

With the notable mentorship of the late, celebrated Gibson Nez, he has emerged as a master of stone-work and equally masterful silver work.

Working with top-quality stones, his impeccable technique and artistic eye have brought him into the forefront of younger artists.

This ring is a perfect example of his beautiful vision and spectacular skill.

This handsome ring boasts a traditional, shadow box setting, with a deeply chiseled bezel, and beautiful frame.

The ornamental silver work is the perfect accompaniment for the gorgeous, brilliantly blue, natural, Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

That gloriously hued stone is the visual star, but the silver work is just as splendid.

Instead of a simple, three-bar shank, which is traditional, and usual, Byron has fashioned two exquisitely detailed feathers, joined at the back.

They are meant to be eagle feathers, sacred to many tribes; the birds fly so high, they seem to reach the heavens and the heavenly spirits.

Even the back of the ring is special: two pairs of silver dots finish off the feathers, and a finely chiseled square of vertical lines joins the two sides.

The parallel lines symbolize rainfall, which may be prayed for, and sent up by the eagle feathers.

Sleeping Beauty turquoise is notable for its clear, sky-blue color, which also feeds into the theme of prayers for rain, ascending to the heavens.

This lovely, natural example is teardrop in shape and has two small areas of sunny matrix.

With a gorgeous stone and exceptional silverwork, this is a fabulous, creative ring, by an up-and-coming artist.

Byron is just beginning his career, which promises to be phenomenal, so his work is still happily accessible.

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