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Sgraffito Lizard Vase


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Dennis Daubs is a potter from both Jemez and San Ildefonso Pueblos.  Inspired by his Great Grandmother, Maria Sanchez, and his Grandmother, Elvira Gachupin, Dennis has been creating pottery – from hand-gathered clay – since the age of 18.  Taught by Juanita Fragua, the mother of his ex-wife Glendora Fragua who is also a fabulous and noted potter, he is a master of his craft.

Specializing in handmade sgraffito pottery, Dennis digs and mixes his own clay, and handcrafts each piece, beginning with the traditional coils and ending in the final polish. He fires his pottery in the traditional way as well – outdoors.

Dennis says of his own work, “I use a different design on every piece of pottery that I make and each one is a challenging and rewarding one to complete.”

This stunning vase is a perfect example of his talent.

Using the sgraffito technique, a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting color, Dennis has brought these lovely Mimbres lizards to life.

Made from natural red Jemez clay, and adorned with the geometrical designs and zig-zag patterns the artist is known for, this vase is exquisite (and at an older price, it is a fabulous investment as well!)

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4 1/4"


Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip