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Serpentine Wolf Fetish


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Known especially for his brilliantly naturalistic fish carvings, as well as wonderful other, traditional fetishes, the artist here combines realism and tradition in a charming, semi-abstract wolf.

Like fetishes originally, this appealing fellow is more suggestive of the actual wolf, rather than strictly realistic. This is a recognizable wolf, but the forms are simplified.

Serpentine is not uncommon in fetish carving, though this is a beautiful and semi-transparent version. The color of the stone reminds one of the woods, where you might come across a wolf, traveling to it’s next destination with it’s pack.

The wolf is guardian of the East. Because of its pack behavior, the wolf spirit represents not just successful hunting, but also the ability to work together for the good of the group.

These fetishes, given to newlyweds, invoke in that couple the strong family bond exemplified in wolf pairs. The wolf represents loyalty and family values. A pair of wolves is often carved together, representing the wolf’s characteristic of mating for life. Wolves are teachers, pathfinders, and represent a sharing of knowledge. The wolf teaches us inner guidance and clarity.

A wonderful example of Orin’s semi-abstract and lightly-detailed style, this handsome wolf is looking for his new pack!

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