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Serpentine Dangles


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This acclaimed, award-winner is known for the precision of his silver work, and the retrained elegance of his designs.

These earrings are restrained and elegant, and the silver work is minimal.

When you have stones as sensational as this serpentine, you want the silver to quietly support the drama.

The natural stone, from Arizona, is ornately figured with matrix of various colors and forms, from palest yellow to deepest espresso brown.

Serpentine’s characteristic green coloration appears in a band of gorgeous, rich color, and paler touches, toward the top.

Like a picture of the forest floor, the pointed base of the long teardrops is mottled in tans and green.

The band of deep green appears above this, like an overview of the forest itself, while the sunny yellows, and random darks, at the top, suggest sunlight pouring through the trees.

Like decorous servants, the narrow silver frame, and simple round top, take a back seat to the flamboyant stone.

Nevertheless, the workmanship is, as always, with this artist, flawless.

Spectacular stones, and simply perfect silver, create a pair of uniquely memorable earrings. Enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature!


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Arizona Serpentine, Sterling Silver


2 3/8" L x 3/4" W