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Serpentine Dangles


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Award-winning Ray Scott is famous for his precise and exacting silverwork, and impeccable design aesthetic.

Sometimes, though, an artist has to take a supporting role, acknowledging that Nature is hard to surpass.

Here, Ray did just that, permitting these incredibly beautiful serpentine stones to take the leading role.

Serpentine is known for its mellow green hues, but the stones in these earrings are the most spectacular serpentine we can remember seeing.

Ranging from lemon yellow to rich forest green, the natural patterns in the matching stones look like sunlit landscapes.

The serpentine is so dazzling, that the jeweler wisely supported them in discreet, simple bezels of silver, with a plain silver half bead at the top.

Luscious color is set in a frame that emphasizes the natural palette, thanks to the artist’s sense of design.

You will enjoy wearing Nature’s paintings with just about everything in your wardrobe – almost every day.

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Natural Arizona Serpentine, Sterling Silver


2 1/4" L x 3/4" W