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Serpentine Bear Sculpture


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Nationally collected for his wonderful animal sculptures, Victor favors the bear; the Guardian of the West, protector and healer.

This imposing bust portrays all the strength, intelligence, and power of this iconic animal, which is revered by almost all tribes.

A naturalistic head and muzzle emerge from a serpentine boulder; seemingly exploding from the underbrush.

The expression is intense, but benign, so this dramatic yet understated sculpture emphasizes the protection of the bear.

The artist has wonderfully exploited the markings of the stone to suggest the woodsy environment, and the shaggy coat.

He has masterfully combined textured areas, and smoothly polished areas, both seen in the handsomely realistic head.

A splendid evocation of this most important animal, that will delight your artistic side, and embrace your spiritual side.

Protect your home, and enjoy the massive, but very attractive presence of your own personal Guardian.

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Natural Serpentine, Wood


8" H X 9 3/4" W X 7 1/2" Deep