Serpentine and Turquoise Choker



Joe Pacheco is a veteran jeweler, well-known for his heishi jewelry, and accompanying stones.

Heishi is the name for disks, beads, or cylinders of shells or stones. These were used for adornment for centuries, but are much more refined today. And the types of stones used have expanded, as “new” ones are available.

As in this cheery, upbeat necklace, for instance: lovely lime green serpentine has been formed into uniformly round beads.

Scattered among these sunny beads are stabilized turquoise beads from the Kingman mine.

Between each serpentine and turquoise bead is one tiny brown disk of baby olive shell. A row of these heishi disks finish the two strands, attaching them to the silver cones.

Unusual, sunny and vibrant colors sing a tropical melody but will brighten your wardrobe all year long, wherever you live.

Creative color combinations, and a double strand of them, together with expert workmanship and assured artistic vision, make this necklace special. And wearable.

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Baby Olive Shell, Serpentine, Stabilized Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver


19" L