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Serpentine and Gold Necklace


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Married into Santo Domingo Pueblo, this widow of Edward Aguilar (known for his boxed silver heishi) has been long known as a fine practitioner of the jewelry techniques acquired from her in-laws.

This necklace features globes of serpentine, divided by little flattened beads of 14-karat gold. The mossy green of the serpentine pairs beautifully with the sunshine-y gleam of the gold. One nugget of natural, sky-blue turquoise adds a touch of the heavens to the earthy tones of the serpentine.  The composition of sizes, shapes and differing materials is handsome, and the serpentine is quite unusual in a necklace, and also very attractive. This necklace will complement a surprising range of colors, from beige and tan, greys, blues, other greens, purple, orange, yellow, and of course, black, white, and red.

This shorter, choker length is perfect for shirts, collarless tops, and more. Since the weight of the piece is supported by the shoulders, it is much more comfortable than something hanging from one point behind the neck. A beautifully versatile and beautiful necklace.


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14k Gold, Natural Serpentine, Natural Turquoise


17 1/2" long, Serpentine beads are 7/8" diameter