“Seriously?” Recycled Raven Sculpture

Kathy (Elk Woman) Whitman


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Art is art, and Native artists are increasingly expanding into previously unrecognized territory, aligning with contemporary artists of all origins.

Native art now knows no constraints, but the fundamental, underlying cultural principles remain.

Aside from her well-known, award-winning talent (blue ribbons in vastly different mediums), Elk Woman has a profound interest in recycling and ecology, based on the Native respect for Mother Earth.

She has long made earrings from recycled soda cans, and has recently used the same material in large, award-winning sculptures.

This is her latest piece of “eco-sculpture”: fascinating in appearance, serious in message, and made with her customary skill.

With good-humored outrage, she has created a unique sculpture that critiques our throwaway culture.

The amazingly realistic raven is meticulously assembled, piece by piece, from plastic food trays. Really!

Instead of scavenging for the chaff or seeds from crops, he is left to wonder what he can scrounge from a pile of discarded cans and plastic bottles.

We appreciate her prodigious creativity, as we sigh in rueful acknowledgement.

With consummate skill and wry irony, this artist has created a contemporary sculpture that expresses her concern, in both materials and subject.

She has translated anger and angst about what is happening to our home planet, into an esthetic, intriguing, and powerful piece.

Contemporary in every way, this is a guaranteed attention-getter and conversation piece, as well as a compelling work of art, from every angle.

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