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Selective Color Tee Pee Painting


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Painter, printmaker, sculptor, curator, and activist for the future of Native art, Ishkoten Dougi studied fine arts at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe; he’s shown with iconic native artists from Tony Abeyta to Fritz Scholder.

Following his role models, Dougi has been able to achieve rank as one of the most modern native artists alive to date by working within his color theory using color as a “weapon.”

He is Jicarilla Apache and Navajo, a celebrated artist in today’s Native Art world!

Something noticeable about many of Ishko’s neon-colored paintings is that they are accompanied by 3-D glasses. Although the glasses don’t create a true 3-D effect, they do alter a viewer’s perspective of the paintings. Through the glasses, the colors seemed to swirl and the depth seems to change.

Critics have described his work as “too modern,” which can make things difficult for him as an artist.

According to Ishko: “When you’re too modern, you’re a futurist,” he said. “But it’s fine. I just want to create stuff that’s going to influence people in the future.”

Totally unique, this is a one-of-a-kind expression that will stand out in any collection!

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Acrylic on Canvas