Seed Pot with Dragonflies



Mother Juanita Fragua is an official “Local Treasure”, and brother Cliff Fragua is a nationally honored sculptor.

Glendora, herself, is a major award-winning potter, with a distinctive, incised style.

This lovely dragonfly seed pot shows this celebrated potter’s graceful approach to design, and total control of her medium.

The colors are all natural clay slips and/or plant-derived; the clay is hand-made, hand-coiled, hand-burnished and -painted, and pit-fired, of course.

Dragonflies live around waterways, so symbolize the presence of this precious resource. Water is vital for the growth of plants –  and crops.

Here, a couple of dragonflies, decorated individually, flit over the surface, as if darting and diving over a creek.

The surface is incised with a complex array of watery symbols: Incised zig zag lines represent waterways; while dots and circles represent water and raindrops.

There are also angular spirals symbolizing wind and clouds. All very good luck!

The incised cornstalk on the bottom is both the artist’s clan sign and signature, and a further emphasis on the beneficial power of water.

Clay slips in vegetal black and terra cotta red, add warm and subtle color to the natural, creamy beige of the base clay.

A lovely balance of animated design and color, this graceful design has profound meaning, as well as beauty.


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