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Sea Horse Pin


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Noted for unusual, very well made jewelry, Lee just presented us with… a sea horse!

Not generally as common on the high desert as bugs, dragonflies, butterflies, horses, and turkeys, perhaps, but just as carefully and decoratively fabricated in silver.

In addition, this graceful sea horse is adorned with gorgeous, natural, dark red coral.

Beautifully elaborate, the sea-steed shows off Lee’s inspired stamp work, along with lyrical forms, applique ornamentation, and chiseling.

The natural curved shape of the animal is itself elegant, and the artist’s terrific menu of texture and decoration adds stunningly luxurious detail.

First of all, the edges of the piece are entirely scalloped and frilled, with very narrow, polished borders.

Tiny, precise stamp motifs decorate the interior of some edges, while texture adorns the edge that curves around the front of the horsie.

Within its darkened silver body, it is festively embellished with applied arabesque curves, graduated tiny domes, and those splendid, red coral cabochons.

A polished fin fans out from its back, offering visual relief from all the beautiful frou-frou.

Likewise, the elegantly formed head is also left plain and polished, with a teensy fluted half-bead for its eye.

Glistening and twinkling, this is a beautiful, legendary sea creature, expertly translated into opulent, permanent form by an imaginative, creative artist.

Here is a dazzling sea horse that will turn your jewelry collection into a legend, too.


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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


2 3/4" L x 1 3/8" W