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Scalloped Rim Polychrome Pot


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This artist has been winning prizes for her work for over 20 years. The clay she uses comes from the fabled red hills around Jemez Pueblo. Every step of the process – from digging the earth, mixing the clay, coiling, stone polishing, pit-firing and painting with natural pigments – is traditional and done by hand. She is especially noted for her intricate and excellent painted designs.Coiling a pot this tall is an achievement in itself; the relative thinness of the clay is unusual for Jemez, and the squared, curved cut-outs at the to add distinction to the piece. The typically complex painting is beautifully done, of course, and highlights the curvaceous form. The individual elements of the decoration include feather and rain motifs, and water signs. These are traditional good luck symbols.With a high polish on the rich red clay, and the dramatic contrast of black and cream decoration added to its majestic size, this pot has a very commanding presence. It is a fine example of this notable potter’s work.

Natural Handmade Clay and Paint

14″ H