“Satellite” Ring


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This third-generation Eustace jewelry artist, son of Jolene Eustace, has followed in his illustrious mother’s footsteps, with his own take on the family-style.

First known to us as a four-year-old in cowboy boots, he has matured into a fine silversmith, as seen in this scrupulously fabricated ring.

With panache and flair, as well as solid technique, he created a statement ring that resembles a 21st-century satellite dish – owned by royalty, perhaps.

The nicely proportioned half-disk is elegantly concave and textured in a subtle sunburst pattern, with polished edges.

Three little domes of solid 18-karat gold nestle at the center edge of the hemisphere, adding a golden punch to the antiqued silver.

The shank is hand-hammered, and just the right width to keep the ring steady on your finger.

Dramatically assertive, but refined and elegant, this ring is a marvelous introduction to this young artist.

The Eustace legacy is in yet another pair of gifted hands. Lucky us!

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Sterling silver I 18-Karat Gold

Ring Size

6 1/2


Face is 1 5/8" H x 7/8" W | Shank is 1/4" W