Santa Storyteller with Presents and Kids

Chris Fragua



Wishing everyone a holly, jolly Christmas, this Santa Claus is unusually slender, as well as suspiciously red-nosed.

He is a somewhat raffish, Anglo Santa Claus, with bulging sack of toys on his knees, calling out his greeting, along with a quartet of Native kids joining in.

This Santa looks as if he has ditched Rudolph, and decided to light his own way, with his own red nose! (Which might explain his slightly pixelated expression, too.)

Each of the children, two boys and two girls, holds a gift – for themselves, or for others?

There is a lot of amusing detail in this storyteller, including the difference in complexion between the pink-faced Santa and the light brown children, and their darker eyes.

The boys hold a traditional drum and a traditional water canteen; the girls are holding conventionally wrapped parcels.

All wear their Native best, including white deerskin moccasins, reserved for special occasions.

The poses of the children, leaning slightly in different directions, with sweetly serious expressions, add a bit of natural animation.

Santa has a floppy hat and lively, if roguish, expression; the colors are vibrant and festive.

Carefully created in the traditional way, with hand gathered clay, coiled, smoothed, and pit fired, and decorated with a combination of natural clay and clay slip, vegetal and commercial paints.

This is an entertaining, creatively personal interpretation of Santa Claus; he and the children, will brighten your holidays for years to come.


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