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“Santa Fe Coyote” Painting


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A man of many gifts and activities, Ricardo Cate is a master cartoonist, filmmaker, artist, teacher and stand-up comic.

His cartoons are regularly published in Santa Fe’s newspaper ,and always reflect “the irony native people feel and express in humor”, according to a peer.

This colorful painting is an original cartoon, and is hilarious, albeit with an edgy message.

Howling coyotes wearing a bandana were a cliche of southwestern themed decor, several years ago.

Here, we have two country coyotes confronted with a fluffy-tailed, proudly howling cousin, wearing a pert, polka-dotted bandana.

When the puzzled wild coyote asks about this get-up, the other, more in-the-know, one explains it.

It’s the native (and Native?) denizen confronting the city slicker – an age-old comic situation.

Ric Caté makes us giggle, even at ourselves, in the most decorative way, with his original cartoon paintings.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


4" H x 4" W x 1 1/2" Deep